PrüfExpress Changelog 2024.05

Because ‘good’ does not mean ‘perfect’

Welcome to our changelog page. You probably know the old saying:
“Never change a running system”. At PrüfExpress, we see things a little differently. We believe that good systems work, but the best systems are constantly evolving.

This is where we document every change, every improvement and every new feature of our software. Whether it’s a major feature update, a bug fix that you may never have noticed, or a small adjustment that makes working with our software even more enjoyable – you’ll find it here.

With this changelog, we want to ensure complete transparency and keep you up to date with our ongoing efforts to improve our software. Because change is the engine of progress, and we are proud to walk this path together with you.

New features in 2024.05

Public website

PrüfExpress is expanding its services to include a publicly accessible website that serves as a digital type plate and provides access to master data and inspection intervals for work equipment. This intuitive platform offers an easy way to view important information, the last and next inspection dates and current photos via NFC or QR code technology without logging in.

Fault messages

To optimize the service process and speed up response times in the event of problems, PrüfExpress now offers an extended fault reporting function. Users can submit fault reports efficiently and directly via the public website, which significantly reduces processing time and improves the user experience.

Multiple test plans

With the latest update of PrüfExpress, you can now assign multiple inspection plans to each inspection group. This allows you to implement different test cycles and specific test questions within the same group to ensure precise and customized monitoring of work equipment according to different requirements.

Older changes

Changelog Version 2024.03

New features

Configuration wizard for equipment groups

This intuitive wizard guides you step by step through the configuration process of a new work equipment group.

Improved user interface

We are currently working on optimizing our user interface and have laid the first foundations for this.

Fully automatic e-mail notifications

This update allows you to configure e-mail notifications individually and send them automatically. Always be informed about important events and ensure seamless information distribution within your team.

Further changes

Bug fixes

  • #21 Error message with multiple user names
  • #23 Various improvements to test plans
    • – ‘Delete photos after’ now in days
    • – Logic change in the backend
  • #43 Standard attributes UI has been improved
  • #44 Setting for ‘Has children’ at AMG level
  • #48 System for automatic notification via e-mail
  • #50 App UI update (new menu + improved font size)
  • #68 ‘is empty’ option in filters
  • #70 Excel import function for updating the last test date
  • #73 Show last & next test date depending on children
  • #74 Improvement of the ‘Fixed Date Check’
  • #76 Make the next test date dependent on the start date of the test plan
  • #80 Unsynchronized records are kept on the server to simplify support
  • #86 New subpage in the mobile app with information about unsynchronized data records
  • #87 Mass deletion of equipments without inspections carried out
  • #91 Delete equipment from mobile devices when performing a mass deletion

Changelog Version 2023.11

New features

Improved organization selection Page

Optimization of the user interface for a more intuitive selection of organizational units.

Function for creating text modules

New function for creating and managing reusable text modules for more efficient documentation.

Function for finding errors in the configuration

Implementation of a diagnostic tool to quickly identify and rectify configuration errors.

Further changes

Bug fixes

  • #12: Fixed duplicate columns on the work equipment overview.
  • #20: Problems with uploading documents fixed.
  • #44 & #155: Display error on ‘n.I.O. Work equipment’ overview fixed.
  • #69: Display of incorrect error message for login errors fixed.
  • #116: Error when deleting a work equipment group fixed.
  • #117: Deleted work equipment is no longer displayed under ‘Overdue’.
  • #119: Problem that ‘Manufacturer date’ is not displayed on the work equipment overview has been fixed.
  • #130: Test groups that are assigned to work equipment can no longer be deleted.
  • #133: Problem with duplicate cost centers fixed.
  • #136: Filter for ‘Last check’ now shows correct values (Web).
  • #140: Fixed crashes when saving an inspection without feedback (Mobile).
  • #141: Fixed crashes when saving time confirmations with decimal point (Mobile).
  • #150 & #151: Problems with importing standard attributes fixed.
  • #152: Fixed an error when importing buildings.
  • #154: Fixed an error when importing work equipment groups.
  • #157: Fixed problems with the display of the ‘Changed by’ field.
  • #158: Empty page removed from the order overview (Mobile).
  • #159: Fixed problems when creating work equipment without standard attributes.
  • #161: Fixed an error when reporting a repair.
  • #163: Fixed an error when requesting camera access.
  • #165: Inspection plans are now copied with work equipment groups.
  • #167: Fixed incorrectly duplicated actions in the change history.
  • #168: ‘Back’ button now redirects to the ‘Login’ page, not the ‘Plant selection’ (Mobile).
  • #171: Wrong order of check questions fixed.
  • #173: Button to open the detail view of work equipment is now in German.
  • #174: Fixed bug when blocking users.
  • #176: Translation error when exporting overdue work equipment.
  • #177: Error that test groups can be deleted despite assignment fixed.
  • #178: Problem with duplicatable test plans fixed.
  • #180: Fixed an error when saving filters after resetting.
  • #182: Field length extended when creating a work equipment group.
  • #183: Fixed an error when displaying overdue work equipment in the work equipment overview.
  • #185: Fixed translation error for month information in the user administration.
  • #186: Fixed an error when saving a cost center with a different plant number.
  • #188: Incorrect display of the number of mass updates fixed.
  • #189: Fixed a problem with the permissions of the reader role.
  • #190: Fixed an error when saving test tolerances of over 100 %.
  • #192: Designations that are assigned to work equipment can no longer be deleted.
  • #193: Fixed an error when importing work equipment with an incorrect cost center.
  • #194: Double importing of an import file is now prevented.
  • #195: Fixed problem that global default attributes can be created twice.
  • #196: Error when adding inspection plans to work equipment with missing designation fixed.
  • #199: Problem that mandatory fields can be skipped by spaces fixed.
  • #203: Fixed an error when applying a filter after it has been reset.
  • Various minor bugs that affected software stability and user-friendliness have been fixed.

Changelog Version 2023.08

New features

Safe and efficient:
Extensive import function

Do you have an extensive data collection that needs to be integrated into PrüfExpress? Our new import function allows you to import large amounts of data easily, securely and efficiently.

Customized flexibility:
Selectable scan options for work equipment groups

You can now determine which scan options should be available for a specific work equipment group. Customize the settings according to your needs and use PrüfExpress even more efficiently.

Accelerated offline use:
Targeted synchronization at plant level

To improve the overall speed of the offline function, you can now select which plant you are working in when starting the app. This means that only the data relevant to this plant is synchronized, which speeds up the synchronization process considerably.

Further changes

Bug fixes

  • #161 An error that prevented a repair from being carried out has been fixed. Repairs can now be carried out smoothly.
  • #156 The positioning of the attributes in the iOS app has been corrected. This makes operation easier and improves the user experience.
  • #164 Problems with scrolling in the app have been identified and fixed to ensure a smoother user experience.
  • Various minor bugs that affected software stability and user-friendliness have been fixed.

Changelog Version 2023.07

New features

Improved individualization:
Configurable table view

With our new feature, you can now design the layout of your work environment to suit your own requirements. A configurable grid makes it possible to create an individual arrangement to optimize your workflow.

Increased efficiency:
Copy investment group

We know that saving time and efficiency are important to you. With the new “Copy investment group” function, you can duplicate existing investment groups with a single click. This saves you valuable time when setting up new projects.

Strengthen corporate identity:

Branding your software is now possible! Adapt the appearance of our application to your corporate design to convey a uniform and professional image.

Detailed control:
Management of individual plant buildings

We have extended the functionality to enable even more detailed control. You can now manage buildings of individual plants in PrüfExpress to ensure a better overview and control.

Further changes

Bug fixes

  • #61 We have fixed a bug that prevented the addition of new work equipment. You can now easily add new tools.
  • #62 A synchronization issue on mobile devices has been resolved, so your information is now always up-to-date and consistent.
  • #64 When adding a new work equipment group, incorrect default settings were originally displayed, which we have now corrected.
  • #65 We have fixed a bug where the same attribute could have multiple names. Each attribute is now clearly named.
  • #47 Reviewers no longer see the “Add child” button. This improves the user experience and prevents confusion.
  • #52 The date range filter on the worklist page is now visible to all users.
  • #84 We have fixed an issue with duplicate and triple attributes in the mobile app. Now each attribute is only displayed once.
  • #87 There were some errors in the app, especially with regard to master data. These have now been fixed.
  • #89 The master data is now displayed correctly.
  • #60 There were problems with the authorizations, which we have now solved.
  • #85 Fixed a bug that prevented a building from being assigned to a new work equipment in a new work equipment group.
  • #49 We have fixed a bug where a mandatory attribute was defined without a function.
  • #50 Defining “load capacity” as a mandatory attribute no longer leads to errors.
  • #67 An error that incorrectly scheduled the daily check during mapping has been fixed.
  • #80 You can now easily create a copy of a test plan.
  • #91 It is now possible to generate a test report for a new organization.
  • #57 The “Forgot password” function now works perfectly.
  • #70 Problems related to exam questions have been solved.
  • #75 The search/scan field is now cleaned up correctly after you have checked a piece of equipment.
  • #83 You can now change the master data of a piece of equipment.
  • #53 An issue where data disappeared when the user tried to add a duplicate manufacturer has been fixed.

General improvements

  • The speed and performance of our software has been improved so that you can work more efficiently.
  • We have strengthened our security measures to protect your data even better.
  • Our documentation and help resources have been expanded to better assist you with questions and issues.

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